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If you have course content/material from a Summer 2017 course that you would like copied to a Summer 2018 course please make a request by completing the course copy request form.

Summer 2017 Course Content Copy Request - FAQ's

What is a course content copy?

Content from a Summer 2017 semester course can be copied into a current Summer 2018 course

Who can request a course content copy?

Instructors (the owner of the course being copied).

What content/materials can be copied?

Content Areas
i.e. Course Information, Documents, Assignments
Adaptive Release Rules for Content
Collaboration Sessions
Discussion Board
Early Warning System Rules
Grade Center Columns and Settings
Group Settings
Tests, Surveys, and Pools

Why would you want your content/material copied?

This process will alleviate you from having to re-create content/materials in your previous Summer 2017 course.

Will any of the content/materials from the previous semester course be lost once copied to the new Summer course?

No - your content will be preserved in your previous course and will be added to your new course.

What information do you need to make a course content copy request?

a) Course ID & Course Name from the 2017 Summer course
b) Course ID & Course Name of current 2018 Summer course

ex. Course ID: 37033.1173
ex. Course Name: IST.700.M850.Summer2017.Tools and Techniques for Tech

The Blackboard Course ID is the Class ID in MySlice:

To locate the Blackboard Course ID of a previous course in MySlice: 

Log into

Scroll to Faculty Services 

Click Faculty Center 

Faculty Services and Faculty Center

Click Change Term

Change Term

Select Summer 2018 

Select Term

Click Continue:  The Blackboard Course ID is the MySlice Class ID.  It is a 5 digit number.  ex. 38136

Blackboard Course ID

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