Topic Overview

Questions for tests, surveys, questions sets and pools can be created in Microsoft Excel by following the below steps and referencing the video below.


Blackboard Test Question Template

  1. First column must indicate question type.
  2. Second Column is the question text.
  3. Third column is the answer.
  4. The following columns are used for multiple choice questions.
  5. See Blackboard OnDemand Center video tutorial for more detail on multiple choice answers and question type codes.
  6. Save the file as a .txt file.
  7. Open the test you want to add the questions to.
  8. Select Upload Questions.
  9. Select the .txt file from your computer.
  10. Set the point value for each question (can be changed at a later time).
  11. You will see your question set on the Test Canvas page and can edit the questions and point values here.

Sources and Relevant Links

Video- Uploading Test Questions from Microsoft Excel