Topic Overview

  • Surveys are not graded – A green check will appear in the Grade Center when a student completes the survey
  • Surveys are anonymous -- Instructors cannot view individual responses in the Grade Center. If you would like to view individual responses, create a test instead of a survey.


Build a Survey

  1. Begin by selecting Course Tools from the Control Panel.
  2. Select Tests, Surveys and Pools.

    Blackboard course tools highlighting Tests Surveys Tools

  3. Select Surveys:

    Blackboard surveys

  4. Click Build Survey.
  5. Add a Name, Description, and Instructions.
  6. Click Submit to save and continue.
  7. Once you have created the Survey, you should see a green bar indicating success and be returned to the Survey Canvas.
  8. Once the canvas is set, you can begin building the Survey questions.

View Survey Results

  1. Begin in the Full Grade Center.
  2. Click the action item drop down menu at the top right of the column next to the Survey name.
  3. Select Attempts Statistics.

    Attempts statistics button in Grade Center

  4. You will be brought to a page that shows the number of student attempts and statistics for responses.
  5. Alternatively, click Download Results. Choose the delimiter type and select the results format.

Sources and Relevant Links

Instructions for Building Survey Questions (Note: Instructions are for Tests, but are the same for Surveys.)