Topic Overview

Learn how to use a pool to create a collection of questions that can be used in multiple assessments. Pools group questions together so they can be imported and exported. Pools are also used to create Random Blocks and Question Sets for use in tests and surveys.


  1. In the Control Panel, click on Course Tools > Test, Surveys, and Pools.
  2. Click on Pools > Build Pool.
  3. Enter your Pool information and Submit.
  4. Your Pool has been created. From here you can Create Questions, Find Questions, or Upload Questions.

    Blackboard pool canvas

  5. If you are Creating Questions, choose from the drop-down list of question types to create and add new questions to your Pool.
  6. To Find Questions, choose from the criteria of question types that you have already created in other pools or tests in this course.

    Find questions criteria selection

    1. After selecting your criteria (multiple criteria can be selected) choose the questions that you would like added to your Pool.
    2. Your Criteria Summary will appear, where you can adjust Point Values for each question.

      Add question to pool criteria summary

    3. When you are done adding questions, click Submit.

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Build a Pool