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Instructors can use Grading Color Codes to apply background and text color to items in the grade center that meet specific criteria. Instructors are able to enable color coding in the Grade Center, and set color coding options.

Adding color rules to the Grade Center provides visual indicators to help you interpret information quickly.



  1. In your course, go the the Control Panel and click on Grade Center > Full Grade Center.
  2. Hover over the Manage tab and click on Grading Color Codes.
  3. Select Enable Grading Color Codes to enable color coding.
    check the box to enable color coding
  4. Colors can be defined for graded items that are in progress, need grading, or exempt. You can choose a background color for each grading status by clicking the drop-down arrow and choosing a color.
    Color Coding Options Screen
  5. Set color options for different grade ranges by clicking Add Criteria in the Grade Ranges section.
    select grade range criteria
  6. When finished, click Submit.

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Blackboard - Color Code the Grade Center

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