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An update performed by the vendor on the evening of June 4, 2020 has caused an issue with the display of some elements in Blackboard course menu items. ITS has an open ticket with the vendor to repair the issue. This page documents a workaround in the meantime. 

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this issue. While we do not have a timeline for the fix, we will update the Blackboard front page (post-login) with new information as soon as we have it. Thank you for your patience and understanding in the meantime. 

Issue Example

Some elements of the Blackboard course navigation are made invisible. This effects the Course Management area for instructors more severely than the menu and will depend on your course settings. Most users will see the issue display as follows: 

Screenshot of Invisible Course Navigation Items


We have developed a temporary workaround for users needing to repair this issue before the vendor can provide a fix. 

  1. In your "Course Management" section click on the small arrow to the right of the Customization menu to open the customization page. On the subsequent page, click "Teaching Style."

    Screenshot of Teaching Style Navigation

  2. On the Teaching Style page, browse to the area labelled "Select Course Theme." Selecting and applying a new course theme will repair the issue. If you prefer the default theme, select another and apply then change, then return to teaching style to re-select the default and apply it. 

    Screenshot of Select Course Theme on Teaching Style page

  3. Once you have selected a theme, do not change the "Menu Style" and do not select buttons rather than text. Either could make the issue reappear. 

Workaround Alternative

An alternative workaround is to use the theme picker in the upper-right corner of your Blackboard course. If Edit Mode is on, you can click the color swatch icon  to quickly change the course theme. Selecting any of the options from the menu should fix the display of menu items.

Screenshot of Change Course Theme tool.

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