This tutorial will walk you through how to create an Appointment Slot in your Google Calendar for office hours, training or general appointment sign-ups. 

Step-by-step guide

  1. Log into your Syracuse University Google Suite account. (username)

  2. Open Google Calendar.

  3. On the left hand side, select the dropdown menu next to Other Calendars and select Create new Calendar

  4. Name the new Calendar Spring/Fall Calendar or Office Hours and select Create calendar.

  5. Select the new calendar you just created and then select the Create button in the upper left-hand corner.

  6. In the option menu, select the Appointment slots option and enter the date/time of your first appointment. Select More options in the menu screen.

  7. In the Options screen, change the Slots with Duration to  Single Shot and in location, paste the link to your Office Hours web-link (Zoom, Collaborate, or Teams) or physical location (Building & room number).

  8. Select the date and change the occurrence to Weekly. You can repeat this process and create multiple appointments. You can create 15 or 30-minute slots and set them all up following these prior steps.

  9. Once you have all of your appointments ready. In the More options menu, you can right-click on This calendar's appointment page and select Copy Link Address.

  10. Now that you have the web link, go to your Blackboard class(es) you want to share this in and select the  (plus)  icon in the upper left-hand corner menu. Select Web Link.

  11. In the Add Web Link, name the link and then paste the link in the URL. Make sure you select Available to Users. Then select Submit.

  12. You will now see a link to your office hours at the bottom of your menu area.

  13. To test it out, select the link and it will bring you to your calendar for students to select the time slot to sign up for.

  14. You can share these directions with your students:
    • To make an appointment
      • Click the link for the Office hours in Blackboard. (You may have to log into your account)
      • Click an available appointment slot and then Save. The appointment will now appear in your Google Calendar.

    • To cancel an appointment
      • Open your Google Calendar.
      • Click the appointment slot.
      • Under “Going?” click No.


For more help or questions, please email