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The Assignment tool allows students to submit files to their instructor to be graded.

When an instructor creates a Blackboard assignment, a column for that assignment is automatically created in the Grade Center.


  1. Click on the Content Area you want the assignment placed within your course.
    List of Content Area in Menu Buttons

  2. From the Assessments drop-down menu, choose Assignment

  3. Fill out your assignment information
    1. You can add instructions for your assignment, include rich media, and attach files
    2. You need to enter the Points Possible for the assignment. Note that this can be changed later if needed
      Points Possible
    3. You can also enter a Start Date and End Date for the assignment. Once the deadline is due, the Assignment View/Complete link disappears from the content area and students are unable to submit their assignments unless the date is reset by the instructor.

  4. Click Submit. This automatically creates an item in the Grade Center which allows for student grades to be entered.

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