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The Assignment tool allows students to submit files to their instructor to be graded.

When an instructor creates a Blackboard assignment, a column for that assignment is automatically created in the Grade Center.


  1. Click on the Content Area or Assignments Area, you want the assignment to be placed within your course.

  2. From the Assessments drop-down menu, choose Assignment.

  3. Fill out your assignment information

    1. Name your Assignment (Color is not that important)

    2. It is good practice to write out directions for students to follow for the assignment here. If you have a document with the directions already written up, you can attach them to the assignment (see below)

  4. Attaching

    • By either dragging your file to this box or selecting the three attachment options, you can attach directions or other support material here for students.

      • Browse My Computer - this will allow you to upload from your computer

      • Browse Content Collection - If you have already uploaded a document to your Blackboard Class, you may be able to find it here to attach to the Assignment

      • Browse Cloud Storage - Allows you to attach documents from different cloud accounts you have (Google, Microsoft 365, Box, Dropbox, ect.) 

  5. Due Date

    • Assigning a Due Date is not required, but it is good to assign one so that it will show on students' calendars in Blackboard.

  6.  Grading

    1. Enter Points Possible for this assignment, you can always enter 0 and change it later (This is required)

    2. Under Submission Details, you can change how assignments are submitted. To use the Group Submission, you have to create groups first, then you can assign this to specific groups.

    3. Number of Attempts allows you to change how many times students can submit an assignment to be graded. (It is suggested to change this to Multiple and at least 2, that way a student re-upload if they forgot something)

    4. Grading Options - In this option, you can hide students names from the grading menu and also delegate who grades what assignments (Instructors, TAs, ect)

    5. Display of Grades allows you to change how students see their grade(s) in their My Grades area.

  7. Availability

    • By default, the assignment is set to be available for students to see.

    • If you would like to hide the assignment until you want to make it available, you can uncheck the Make Assignment Available

    • If you would like it to automatically appear at a date and then disappear, you can keep the Make Assignment Available box checked and then enter the dates you want to have it show and disappear and Blackboard will make it available/unavailable on those dates.

    • You can set it to open on a date and stay available or have it available and then close on a specific date. 

      • Note: this is different than the due date.

  8. Submit

    1. Make sure you hit SUBMIT to save!

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