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This document lists the steps necessary to create a Random Block test. A Random Block test uses only a certain number of questions from a pool of questions (ex: randomly use 5 questions out of a pool of 13) and assigns different questions per test per student.


You must have an existing Pool of questions to use in order to set up the Random Block.

  1. Once in your course, turn Edit Mode ON.
  2. Click on the content area where you want to create the test. 
  3. Click Assessments > Test.

    Blackboard test tool link

  4. Click Create.

    create new test button

  5. Fill out the information on the next screen and Submit. 
  6. On the Test Canvas page click on Reuse Question > Create Random Block.

    create random block button

  7. On the Add/Edit Random Block page choose the Pool to use, Criteria(Question Type/s) to include in the block, and Click Submit.
  8. Set the number of questions to include in the random block and the points possible for each question.
  9. Click OK

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