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Smart Views are focused views of the Grade Center. Any number of Smart Views can be created based on a variety of criteria, including Grading Periods, Categories, and Performance. Smart Views can be added to the Grade Center section of the Control Panel, so they can be accessed easily. To add a Smart View as a Favorite, click the star icon in the Add as Favorite column.


In the Grade Center section of the Control Panel, Smart Views appear as an indented list under Full Grade Center.

For example, you can create a smart view of the grade center that will show only a subset or a group of students within the class.


  1. Go to the Control Panel > Full Grade Center.
  2. In the Grade Center, Under the Manage Menu, go to Smart Views. This will take you to the list of the views and you will see the default lists already created by the system.
    Manage Menu, Select Smart Views
  3. Click on the the Create Smart View to set up a new smart view.
    Select Create Smart View


In this example, a smart view is being created to show just the students in a particular section of a course that a TA would create so only those students could be viewed when accessing the smart view. The smart view can be made a quick favorite link under the control panel by clicking on the "favorite" star.

Select Criteria to Create Smart View
Smart View List - Select Star to Add to Favorites