This feature replaces Blackboard Social Tools that were disabled by the vendor on April 15, 2020. Users with profile images prior to that date should re-upload an image in the new tool to have their custom profile image displayed.

Blackboard users are able to upload their own profile image to replace the default avatar that will appear next to their user information throughout Blackboard, including in course discussion boards. This image can be changed or removed by the user at any time. To upload your image:

  1. Open the Global Navigation in the upper-right corner of Blackboard by clicking it. Then select "Settings" and "Personal Information"

    Screenshot of Blackboard Global Navigation

  2. In the Personal Information page click "Personalize My Settings."

    Screenshot of Personal Information settings

  3. On the subsequent page, select the option for "Use custom avatar image" and click the "Browse My Computer" button to locate and upload a file from your local computer files. 
    Screenshot of Avatar Settings

  4. You should now see the image you selected displayed in the application, replacing the grey avatar. Click "Submit" to apply the change.

    Screenshot of Avatar Settings
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