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This document provides instructions on how to deploy a test or survey that has already been created through the Test or Survey Manager in your Blackboard course.

Deploying a test creates the link that students use to take a Test, and allows you to set Test properties, such as availability and presentation options.

Instructors view and grade Tests submitted by Students in the Grade Center, not from the Content Area where the Test link is posted.


  1. With Edit Mode turned ON, select a Content Area, such as Assignments.
  2. Select Assessments > Tests from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select an existing Test in the Add Test box and click Submit.
    add test to content area button

  4. You will then be given a page to select options for the test and the test-taking process. If you want your test to be available to students, select Yes for the Make the Link Available option. After filling out the options, a link to the test is created in the content area, as well as a column for the test within the Grade Center. If you need to change any of the options related to the test, you can access the drop-down menus that are available to change any options that have been set already.

    test availability button

    The Test Options page includes more information about the settings available in deploying a test. 

If you have a test or survey in a content area but want to move it, you first need to remove it from its current location in order to re-deploy it elsewhere in your course. If not, it will not show up in the lists of tests/surveys to add. The Test Options page includes options for setting the availability, feedback, and presentation of the Test.

Settings on the Survey Options page are the same as the Test Options page, with the exception of Survey Feedback.

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