Topic Overview

The Discussion Board is a collection of Forums with discussion Threads. Forums are used to organize discussions by weeks or topics.

Recommended Use for Instructors

  • Instructors create the Forums based on week or topic
  • Students individually respond to each Forum with a Thread
  • If a student wants to reply to another student's Thread, they can use the Comment feature

Create a Forum

  1. Begin by clicking the Discussion button on the Course Menu
  2. Click Create Forum

    create forum button

  3. Title your forum and add a description.
  4. Set Availability
  5. Select Forum Settings

    discussion forum settings page

  6. Click Submit to save.

Create a Thread

  1. Enter the discussion forum you want.
  2. Click Create Thread.

    create thread button

  3. Enter the Subject, Message and attachments, if any.
    1. Mashups can be used to insert content, as well:

      add mashup tool in Blackboard text editor
  4. Click Submit when finished.

Forum Settings

Anonymous Posts

If you allow Anonymous Posts – students will have to take an extra step to make each individual post anonymous. On the post page, there is a check box at the bottom they must click.
make post anonymous button

Sources and Relevant Links

Video- Creating a Discussion Board Forum
Video- Creating a Discussion Board Thread