Google Slides is available in Syracuse's Google Suite. This resource is as powerful as PowerPoint and does a lot of similar features where you can create, edit, collaborate, and present wherever you are.

This tutorial is going to show how to take a PowerPoint file and convert it to a Google Slide and then show you how to take a Google Slide and publish it to the web to embed it in a Blackboard/website. 

Step-by-step guide

  1. Sign in to your Google Suite account and go to your Google Drive.

  2. If you have an existing PowerPoint slide deck, you can upload it and convert it to a Google Slide. In the upper left-hand corner, select File upload from the + menu

    Google Drive  File Upload

  3. Select the PowerPoint file from your computer you would like to upload and select Open.

  4. You will then see your file listed in your Google Drive. You will notice it will have the .pptx or .ppt extension still on it.

    File Name
  5.  From Google Drive, double click or open the file in preview.

    PowerPoint preview

  6. Once it is open, you can select the Open with button at the top center of the screen above the file.

    Open with
  7. This will duplicate and convert the file to a Google Slide. You will still see the original .PPTX/.PPT file associated with the title, it is to show that it is a duplicate of the PowerPoint file. You can now edit and adjust anything you would like to fix or add.

    Slides screen
  8. Once you have the Slides the way you want them. You can select File, then go down to Publish to web.

    Publish to the web
  9. In the Publish screen select the Embed tab. This will give you the embed options for if you want the slide deck to operate automatically for your Slides file and what size you want the file to appear as. Once you have modified to your liking, you can select Publish.

    embed options
  10. After you select Publish, you will get an Embed code that you can copy. You can right click and copy or you can select Command C (Mac) or Control C (Windows).

    Embed code
  11. Once you have copied the embed code, you can open your class on Blackboard and go to your Content area. In you content area, select Build Content, and select Item.

    Build Content Item
  12. In the Item, select the Source Code button in the Text editor area. 

    Item Text Editor

  13. This will open the HTML editor, in this screen, you can paste the Embed code you got from the Google Slides document. (should look close to this) Once you have pasted the code, select Save.

    Source Code

  14. The Text area will preview the embedded slide screen, select Submit once you are ready to see the Slides in your Content area.

    Slide Preview

  15. You will now see the Google Slides file embedded in your Blackboard page, students can now go through the slide and view it on their own, or if you put a timer on it, view it at the pace you set.

  16. If you need to modify or add anything to the Slides you can go to the original Google Slides and anything and it will automatically update to the embedded document without having to change any of the code itself!
    Slides Edit → Blackboard Preview

  17. If you have any questions or need help going through the set-up, please email and we would be happy to guide you through the set-up.