These instructions are for student users to submit an embedded Vimeo video as part of a Blackboard assignment, however, they apply to any part of Blackboard where students, teaching assistants or instructors can access the HTML button as part of the text editor. This includes discussion board posts, assignment creation, and feedback

Get the "Embed Code" from Vimeo

Go to Vimeo and access the video you created or browse for a video you want to share

Start playing the video you want to embed

Once the video begins playing you can pause the video.  Click the Share icon.

Vimeo Share

Copy all of the embed code.

Vimeo Embed Code

Pasting the embed code into a Blackboard Assignment

1. Log into Blackboard.  Access the course you want to add the video

2. If the video is for assignment submission. Access the assignment. 

3. Click Write Submission.

Write Submission

4. Click the <> icon to access the HTML Source Code page. *You may have to select the three dots to open the second row of the text editor.

Source Code Icon

5. Paste the embed code you copied from Vimeo into the Source Code window. Click Save.


6.  You should see the frame/video appear in the textbox.  You can click the four-headed arrow to expand the textbox (to view the entire frame/video).  If you need to attach a document, you can use the Attach Files area to search for your document or drag and drop it into the box. Once you are ready, select Submit.


7. You will receive a green bar indicating your submission was submitted successfully and an email saying you submitted your assignment.