These instructions are for student users to submit an embedded YouTube video as part of a Blackboard assignment, however, they apply to any part of Blackboard where students, teaching assistants or instructors can access the HTML button as part of the text editor. This includes discussion board posts, assignment creation, and feedback

Get the “Embed Code” from YouTube

Go to the YouTube account where you uploaded the video and browse to the video.

  • Ensure you’re logged in.
  • Click the user icon in the upper right-hand corner and select Creator Studio
  • If you cannot see your videos, click on either Dashboard or Videos
  • Click on the thumbnail of the video you intend to submit to go to its regular viewing page.
  • Click on Share and then Embed in the floating window that appears.

    Share and Embed Button

Click on Copy in the lower right-hand corner of the next floating window that appears. This puts the code that you’ll need to paste into Blackboard onto your computer's clipboard.

Click Copy

Paste the Embed Code into Blackboard

Enter the Blackboard course and assignment area where you need to embed your content

Click Write Submission.

Write Submission

If necessary, expand the tool palette with the double-arrow button and then click the <> icon (Source Code).
Source Code Icon

In the pop-up window, Paste your embed code and click Save.
Source Code Screen

Back in the regular assignment window type or attach any other documents required and then click Submit.

On the submission page, you should be able to see and play your embedded video.
View Video