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Problem Description

When downloading a ZIP file from the Grade Center you receive an error similar to this:
HTTP Status 404 - /courses/1/sc1.1101/gradebook/9/
type Status report
message /courses/1/sc1.1101/gradebook/9/

description The requested resource (/courses/1/sc1.1101/gradebook/9/ is not available.


When downloading a ZIP file from the Grade Center, the file name is generated from the name of the Assignment. If the Name of the Assignment contains one of the following characters, it will result in an error when trying to download the Zip File. To avoid this error, remove any of the characters listed below from the Assignment name.

Characters to Avoid:

 , \ ! / @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) > < ' "

Be sure to take a look at item No. 6 from 10 Things You Need to Know about Blackboard.

Sources and Relevant Links

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