Finding Courses

Courses in the Main Navigation

To find your courses in Blackboard Ultra Navigation click "Courses" in the main menu. The section at the top allows you to navigate between semesters, search, and customize your view. 

Screenshot of user interface.

Current Courses and Terms

Courses appear in the current courses area based on the course duration set within the course. These dates are set by the system when the course is created and can be modified a course Instructor or Teaching Assistant. 

Current courses displays all courses where either:

  1. The course duration is set to continuous
  2. The course duration date range includes the current date

Courses appearing in the "Current Courses" area can be removed by Instructors and Teaching Assistants by modifying the course duration. 

Courses appear under each term listed based on their course duration date settings. If a course appears under the wrong term, Instructors or Teaching Assistants can move the course by updating the dates to roughly match the desired term. 

Students cannot control where a course displays in the courses menus. 

If the course duration is adjusted, a user may need to log out and log back in to see the change reflected.

Students can only enter courses that appear in the current courses area, though they can see the list of courses where they were previously enrolled by browsing from term-to-term.

Searching for Courses

The search box above the course list can be helpful for limiting the courses displayed. While the search only applies to the term currently in view, the search is persistent as you browse from term to term. For example, entering "astro" in the search box and browsing from term-to-term would display only courses including "astro" in the name in each term. 

If you've previously entered a search term in the box, be sure to remove it once you start looking for other courses.

Favoriting Courses

Once found, most users will benefit greatly from favoriting the courses they access most frequently. To do so, click the star icon to the right of the course name in list view or in the lower-right corner of grid-view. Favoriting persists across semesters—if you favorite a course when it is in current courses, it will remain favorited when the duration is complete and it moves to a term. 

Filtering Courses

For users with different roles in various courses, you can filter by role such as filtering between courses you teach and courses you are taking. If instructors elect to hide a course from their own view, they can show it again by filtering by courses that are "Hidden from me."

Hidden Courses

Instructors and Teaching Assistants have the option of hiding courses from their own view. This "hiding" only applies to the individual user's view—hiding a course from yourself will not change the way it displays for any other user. If you have hidden a course you can locate it again by using the filter for "Hidden from me."

Private Courses

Courses that are unavailable to students are displayed as "private" when browsing via the courses menu. If a lock and the label "Private" appears on a course—it has not yet been made available for students by an Instructor or Teaching Assistant.

Grid View and List View

Individual users can choose to browser courses in grid view or list view. Grid view will display the course banner as the image on the tile. If no course banner is set, Blackboard will use an image from its image library.

Instructors can adjust the tile image by going to Customization>Teaching Style>Banner Image or by changing to grid view and access the menu button for the image. Updating either the tile image or the course banner will update both. Removing it in either location will remove it from both locations.

For more information about navigating the course page, please view documentation from Blackboard