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Finding Courses

To find your courses in Blackboard Ultra Navigation click "Courses" in the main menu. The section at the top allows you to navigate between semesters, search, and customize your view. 

Screenshot of user interface.

"Current Courses" will display any courses where you are enrolled and which have a duration that includes the current date. All courses where you are enrolled will appear in this list. Students can enter courses that have been made available by the instructor by clicking the course. Instructors and Teaching Assistants can enter the course at anytime and control course availability.  

You can customize the view of your courses in the following ways:

  • Switching from list view to card view
  • Performing a text search
  • Filtering courses by your role
  • Changing the number of items displayed on each page

For more information about navigating the course page, please view documentation from Blackboard

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