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In Ultra Course View (UCV), student grades are accessed in the Ultra Gradebook (instead of the Original View Grade Center. The Gradebook is accessed via the link in the upper right of a course page:

The default view when you enter the Gradebook is Gradable Items which shows all ungraded submissions.

You can then view the Gradebook by graded items, student grades, or a gridded view of both.

Below are some hints for particular Bb Ultra Course View Gradebook features and hints. Here is a link to the help pages at

Gradebook Settings

Gradebook features and settings are accessed via the "gear" icon at the upper right of the Gradebook.

New Features

  • Filter the Gradebook by child course section. This can be very useful in large classes where TAs may be responsible for grading their section(s) of the merged course.
  • You can assign automatic zeros to assignments that have not been submitted: instead of having to explicitly enter a zero for assignments not handed in:

  • Drag-and-drop column reordering: you can reorder Gradebook columns using drag-amd-drop, but you do need to hover your mouse over the right end od the column you want tom move:


Rubrics are available in the Ultra course view. One change is that you cannot apply a rubric to a manually created column.

There is no longer Export/Import process to share rubrics between classes. Here is a workaround:

Overall Grade

Instead of Total or Weighted Total columns as in Bb Original course view, the Ultra Gradebook has a column called "Overall Grade." This is similar to the Weighted Total where you can assign a percent weight to either individual columns and/or to categories. The categories are all lusted at the end of the list of gradable items. You can also choose to exclude a particular item from its category for grading calculations. 


Blackboard has an attendance tool that will add a column to the gradebook and keep a running total of attendance for you. You can enable  the attendance tool either from the Details and Action section on your course home page:

or from the add gradebook item inside the gradebook using the plus sign that appears when you hover over a gradebook row:

Offline Assignments & Manually created items

Offline Assignments

For activities that will be handed in outside of Blackboard, assignments can be set to "Collect Submission Offline."  Note that this setting is found by editing the assignment in the content section where the submission link appears to students:

Manually Added Grade Items

You can also add grade items that don’t require submissions such as participation. These grade items are also called manual grades, manually created items, or offline items.

For manually added items, no submissions exist. You assign scores and feedback on the student list page. 

Manually added items don’t appear on the Course Content page. The items do appear on students’ global and course grade pages. You can’t add files, rubrics, goals, or groups to manually added items.

The primary difference between Offline Assignments and Manually created columns is that Offline Assignments appear in the Course Content page but manually created items do not.