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Problem Description

Blackboard can be heavily customized, but sometimes changes can have unintended consequences. If Course Tools or My Grades is missing from your Course Menu (the area ABOVE the Control Panel), then students will have no way to access their grades.  This document explains how to correct that problem.


Instructors, TAs, and Graders have access to the Control Panel along with its Evaluation section and Grade Center, but students do not have access to these tools.

Students only see the Course Menu, which is the section ABOVE the Course Management heading and Control Panel.

The default way for students to view their grades is through the My Grades link in the Course Tools content area.  The Course Tools content area is NOT THE SAME as the Course Tools section of the Control Panel.  All Blackboard courses have a Course Tools button in the Course Menu that leads to this content area by default.  However, this button can be deleted or customized just like most other elements in Blackboard.  If there is no button for Course Tools or My Grades in the Course Menu, then there is no way for students to access their individual grades.

  1. To add a button for the Course Tools area, first make sure that Edit Mode is ON in the top-right corner of the course screen.
    Edit Mode Button
  2. Click the gray plus sign in the top-left corner of the course screen and select Tool Link.
    Add Content Option to Menu
  3. Enter a name, either "Course Tools" or "My Grades", then select the corresponding type of tool, either "Tools Area" (for all course tools) or "My Grades" (for student's grades only). Be sure to check the box in front of Available to Users and then click the Submit button. You can drag and drop the new button to any position in the list by clicking on the double-headed arrow to the left of the button. 
    My Grades Tool Button

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