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Use this process to search for and add tutorials to your Blackboard course for students to access

Step-by-step guide offers thousands of courses in a number of different topics and discipline. These video tutorials can be searched for and integrated into your Blackboard course for students to access using a few easy steps.


  1. Log into Blackboard (
  2. Access the course you would like to add the content to
  3. Go to the content area where you would like to have your student's access the content.

  4. Blackboard course menu

  5. Once you are in the content area, choose the link " course" from the "build content" menu.
  6. Build  showing add content tool

  7. You can browse categories on the right-hand side of the page or use the keyword search to find content you would like to add to your Blackboard course
  8. search courses pop up window

  9. Once you find content you would like to add to your course select the "add" button.

  10. lynda search result dialog

  11. You will be presented with the option to add a column in the grade center for the course you are adding. If you would like to know the progress for each student select "yes' for enable grading. What will be reported in the column is the percentage of the entire tutorial which has been accessed. For example, if an entire course has 60 minutes of viewing time and I have watch the first 20 minutes of videos in the course, the grade center column will show 33%(complete).

  12. Blackboard allow grading option for Lynda course

  13. The course you selected is now available to your students

          Lynda course embedded in Blackboard content area


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