Topic Overview

Instructors can import assessment questions created from Microsoft Word, Notepad, or Microsoft Works into a pool within Blackboard. After the pool is created, instructors can edit pool questions and/or answers.


Create the Quiz

  1. Create and save assessment questions into a word-processing software. Make sure the questions are correctly formatted so that each question and answer is on a separate line. Place an asterisk (*) in front of the correct answer to each question
  2. Go to Blackboard Quiz Generator, and create a name for the assessment in the Quiz Name Box
  3. Copy assessment questions from the word processor, and paste into the text box of the Quiz Generator
  4. Click Create Quiz
  5. The Quiz Generator will provide you with a report of the created questions. Check that the number of questions is correct at the bottom of the page. Click the Here button to save questions as a zip file to your desktop
  6. Close out of the Blackboard Quiz Generator website

Import File Into Blackboard

  1. Log into Blackboard
  2. From the Control Panel, click Course Tools, then click Tests, Surveys and Pools
  3. Select Pools
  4. Select Import Pool, and click Browse My Computer
  5. Find and upload the zip file
  6. Click Submit. The import will take a few minutes to complete
  7. After import is completed, confirm questions and answers are correct