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Topic Overview

Student work submitted through the assignment tool allows instructors to submit a grade, comments, and markup on some document types that are privately visible to the student or student group that made the submission. Instructors can also make grading notes visible only to themselves and those with a Teaching Assistant or Grader role in the course.

When used with group assignments, all members of the group can view comments without requiring the instructor to duplicate grading. You can also add comments to individual group members.

Accessing Student Submissions

Grading can be accessed from the "Needs Grading" area or directly from the Grade Center. To do so from the Grade Center, click in the cell of the assignment you want to grade, and select the assignment by submission date. If multiple attempts were made, they will appear here in a list:

Select Attempt

Grading Interface

The right panel of the inline grading tool allow instructors to:

  • Input a grade value
  • Change between attempts if a student has been allowed to submit more than one per assignment
  • Give feedback visible to the submitting student (or group)
  • Attach files for a student
  • Add notes for grading reference
  • Access rubrics if you have applied them to the assignment

Screenshot of Inline Grading Interface

If you do not see all of the tools, locate the small triangle and click to expand. 

Markup tools

Beginning on June 3, 2020 the markup tools in Blackboard have been updated to Blackboard Annotate, which looks as outlined in orange in the picture below. 

Screenshot of Blackboard Annotate in the Inline Grading interface.

Documentation on the Annotate interface is available from Blackboard. Markup previously created in the older tool provided by Box will be converted into the new Annotate format.



Rubrics allow for more detailed and focused comments.

Additional Resources

Additional information on the Inline Grading features of Blackboard are available from the vendor