Topic Overview

A journal is a personal writing space for self-reflection and private communication with the instructor. Other students will not be able to comment on another student's journal. Entries are listed by student name, and new entries that have not been viewed by the instructor have a thumbtack icon by them.


Journals are, by default, private between either the instructor and a student, or between students assigned to a Group Journal.


Journal Settings

  • Default = Private between instructor and student.
  • If you set Permit course users to view journal, the journal will not be private, making it more like a blog with commenting turned off.


How to Create a Journal

  1. In the Control Panel under Course Tools, select Journals.

    Blackboard course tools

  2. Click Create Journal.

    create journal button

  3. Enter the Name, Availability, Dates and Settings.
  4. Click Submit.

Providing a Link to a Journal

  1. After a Journal has been created, go to the Content Area where the Journal will be placed.
  2. Under Tools, select Journals.

    link to journal tool in Blackboard content area

  3. Choose to either Link to the Journal Page or Link to a Journal.If you Link to a Journal, choose which Journal you would like to link to.

    create link button

  4. Click Next.
  5. Provide a Link Name; you can include a description or instructions, and set options such as availability and date restrictions.
  6. Click Submit.

Creating Journal Entry

  1. Select your journal from your course.
  2. Click Create Journal Entry.

    create journal entry button

  3. Enter Title and Message, and attach files if necessary.
  4. Click Post Entry.

Viewing Journal Entries and Leaving Comments

  1. Select Journals under Course Tools in the Control Panel.

    Blackboard journal course tool button

  2. Select the journal you want to view.
  3. In the Journal Details section on the right of the page, click on your name where it has a number in parentheses next to it (in red box below).  This will open a list of all of the students and their journals. Select the student whose entry you want to view. New entries are indicated with the thumbtack icon.

    select student journal button

  4. Click Comment, add your message and click Add.

    student journal entry

Sources and Relevant Links

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