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Vertical Scroll Bar in the Grade Center is Missing or too Small to Use.

Steps to Replicate:

  1. Log in to Blackboard Learn as an Administrator
  2. Ensure that the Bb Learn 2012 Theme is being used
  3. Ensure that your Browser is maximized
  4. Access any Course with 25+ Students Enrolled
  5. Go the the Full Grade Center
  6. Now collapse or restore down the Browser

Expected Behavior:
Scroll bar should be fully visible and able to be used

Observed Behavior:
Initially vertical scroll bar is missing, upon minimize it can be seen but is very small sliver or not present at all


Shrink your Browser window, then increase/decrease it's size by expanding the right side until the scroll bar is visible again. Keep adjusting till the bar is visible.

Expected Fix:  
Blackboard support reports this as fixed in the version we're scheduled to update to in January 2018. 


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