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In a Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Session, the Moderator can go to My Settings to adjust Moderator Settings, Audio and Video Settings, Notifications Settings, and Session Settings.


Accessing My Settings

  1. Select the lower right-hand corner purple tab to open the settings for the session.

    Collaborate Session Homescreen

  2. Click on the gear icon at the bottom to open the User Settings 

    User Settings - Here Icon

Moderator Settings

  1. Moderator Settings allows moderators to change their profile image to allow participants to see just an image instead of a video display.

    My Settings - Profile Options

  2. Hover the mouse over the default image and click the pencil to access the image editing page pop-up. Select the Upload button to browse for an image or drag the image to the dotted box to use an image from the computer. Or click on Capture Photo from Camera to use the camera on the desktop to upload an image. Once the image is cropped to fit, select Save.

    Change Profile Picture Settings Screen

  3. Another setting is the ability to set that the user is away from the computer or give feedback on the discussion/presentation occurring along with agree/disagree.

    Discussion Feedback Settings

Audio and Video Settings

  1. Under Audio and Video Settings, participants in a session can turn on their microphones and cameras to select which one to use and test them before going live.

    Audio Test Screen

  2. If Collaborate Ultra does not recognize a device, select No - I need help and it will give directions on how to troubleshoot any devices that are not seen. 

Notifications Settings

  1. In the Notifications Settings, Collaborate Ultra will notify you via Visual Notification by using a pop-up screen or by Audio Notification, which sounds like a ping.

    Notification Settings Menu

  2. Someone joined or left the breakout group or session - Visual notification is selected, Someone posts a chat message - Visual notification and Audio notification are selected, Closed captioning available -  Visual notification is selected and Someone raises their hand - Visual notification and Audio notification are selected.  These are the default settings and moderators can control the settings and adjust them as they want.

Session Settings

  1. Similar to the settings prior to entering the room, Session Settings allows for the moderator to assign abilities to the students/guests entering the session. Moderators can utilize audio only and select Only show profile pictures for Moderators so participants can see a face and hear the audio.  Session Settings include: Only show profile pictures for Moderators, Share audio, Share video, Post chat messages, Draw on whiteboard and files 

    Session Settings Menu

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