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What can the different roles do?


Where can I find participants?

Open the Participants panel to view all participants. Open the Collaborate panel and select Participants.

At-a-glance you see:

  • The roles of each participant. They are grouped by roles to make it easier to see who can do what in the session.
  • Participants with their hand raised. Those with their hand raised appear at the top of their role list.
  • Participants' status or feedback.
  • Participants with their microphone turned on.

Browse through the list of participants or open More options at the top of the panel and select Search.

Point to a participant to view more information, such as their network connection. Moderators can select Moderator controls next to a participant's name to promote the, mute them, or remove them.

Participant List Example

Participant List Animated Example

Participant permissions

Decide who can do what in Session Settings any time before or during a session. Open the Collaborate panel and select My Settings. Select Session Settings.

By default anyone with a participant role is allowed to show their profile picture, share their audio and video, post chat messages, and draw on the whiteboard and shared files.

My Settings - Session Settings

Promote all participants

You can also have all participants join as presenters or moderators. From the list of Sessions, find a session. Select Session options and Edit settings. Select Presenter or Moderator in the Guest Role menu.

This is only available to users with moderator access to the Scheduler, use Collaborate in an LTI compatible LMS, or use Blackboard Collaborate Ultra in their Blackboard Learn course at this time.

Promote participants

Are you sharing moderator or presenter roles with someone in your presentation? You can promote participants to other roles anytime.

Point to a participant in the Participants panel and select Moderator controlsSelect the role you want to make that participant.

Promote Participants Menu

Mute participants

Moderators can mute individual participants or everyone in a session. This includes participants using the Blackboard app or the Blackboard Instructor app.

  • Mute individual participants: From the Participants panel, point to a participant with their audio on. Select Moderator controls. Select Mute.
  • Mute all participants: Select More options at the top of the Participants panel. Select Mute All.


Mute Participants Option       Mute All Participants Option

Muted participants see a notification telling them that the moderator has muted their microphone.

*Note: Participants can turn their microphone back on after being muted.

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