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One of the features of Blackboard is the ability to hide and show courses on the My Courses tab.


  1. After logging into Blackboard, but before entering a course, click the Manage My Courses Module Settings icon in the upper-right corner of the My Courses Module.

    Manage My Courses Module Settings (Cog Wheel)

  2. The Personalize: My Courses screen appears next. As desired, check or uncheck boxes corresponding to courses you wish to view or hide. Any course that is checked under the Course Name column will appear on your Blackboard @ SU page and on your Course List. You may modify the list at any time for any of the other categories as well (e.g., Display Course ID, Display Instructors, Display Announcements, etc.).

    Edit Course List Options
    Edit Course List Options Example

  3. You can change the order in which your courses display by dragging amd ropping using the up/down arrow at the left of each row.
  4. Click Submit. The Blackboard Homepage will reload, reflecting changes to the My Courses list

The list of courses that appears on your My Courses Plus module will not change. You may collapse any of the folders by clicking on the plus (plus) sign in front of the folder name.

Hidden courses will not reappear automatically. If you wish to view a previously hidden course, repeat steps 1 through 3 above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does removing a course from the My Courses list remove the course from the Blackboard system or change my enrollment status in any way?
No, this process does not affect your enrollment nor does it remove the course from the Blackboard system. The course is simply hidden from view within the My Courses module.

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