What is PlayPosit?

Syracuse University has a university license for PlayPosit, a tool for adding rich content and dynamic interactions to video. It is currently configured for use through Blackboard for instructors to overlay video content hosted on YouTube, Vimeo, and your own Kaltura Media Library. It includes a variety of tools for understanding viewer engagement and assessing viewer learning. 

You can see a short overview of it on YouTube.

Why do instructors use PlayPosit?

Interactive video is three times as effective as standard video — learners explore and apply new material at their own pace in a digital setting.

  • Effortless authorship - Our editing platform allows instructors to enrich video content with a variety of powerful interactions ranging from multiple-choice questions to graded fill-in-the-blanks.

  • Learner engagement - Interactive features mirror the traditional classroom experience and learners receive feedback to increase long-term retention, tripling learning efficacy over standard video.

  • Accountable tracking - Receive immediate, accessible data (both performance and behavior-based) to effectively remediate concepts, automatically assign grades, and address deficiencies.

  • Seamless workflow - Sync rosters, create and assign impactful video experiences, enrich your flipped classroom, and streamline tedious grading

How do I access PlayPosit?

To get to PlayPosit, instructors can create a link through their course page on Blackboard under Build Content. Once created you can follow the link to access your PlayPosit accounts. Instructors may create this link in any Blackboard course and the area need not be available to students.


PlayPosit Access

Once you have built a bulb in PlayPosit, you can assign it to your students in Blackboard and monitor student viewing and bulb interaction.

Using PlayPosit with Kaltura

The majority of Blackboard instructor accounts have had their Kaltura and PlayPosit accounts automatically linked. From the "Add Video" section of PlayPosit, use the Kaltura button to access your Kaltura My Media. If you cannot see your Kaltura My Media, you can manually link your accounts.

Where do I start?

These links provide the best starting point for new users:

This training video was created during an event hosted at Syracuse University in March 2020.

This checklist can also help you start building and deploying PlayPosit Bulbs.

There are user stories, case studies, and product updates on the PlayPosit Blog.

How can I get help or training?

On-Campus Help

Please email help@syr.edu or OLS@ot.syr.edu for support or training questions.

Fall 2022 Webinar Series

Syracuse instructors are invited to participate in a special webinar series for PlayPosit partner campuses. Go to PlayPosit's Partner Resources page for more information.

PlayPosit Office Hours

Our PlayPosit account managers host regular office hours to field your questions about the system and discuss using PlayPosit in your teaching. They are available at the following times by following the link:

PlayPosit Academy

PlayPosit has recently launched PlayPosit Academy, a self-learning course for learning how to use PlayPosit. It is built with PlayPosit "bulbs" to give you a strong sense of what it's like from the learner's perspective.

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