PlayPosit for Students

This page provides information for students with PlayPosit questions or issues. For additional information, you can visit PlayPosit's knowledge base or email 

Student Interface Overview

PlayPosit's documentation pages provide an overview of the interface from the student's perspective.

System Requirements

This page provides up-to-date information from PlayPosit about the minimum computer and internet specifications recommended for using PlayPosit.

Video Streams Error

The PlayPosit player does its best to pre-load content so that once it's open you can navigate quickly. This can sometimes lead to loading errors on longer lectures, modules with many videos, and high-quality content, especially if you have a slow connection or there are internet interruptions during the process.

In such cases, viewers will see a "Video streams failed to load" message appear in the upper right-hand corner of the player. Do not click on or dismiss this error message. If left in place, the module will continue attempting to load and may succeed. If you click on or dismiss the message, the module will stop its attempt to load and you will be unable to access the content.

PlayPosit recommends a number of things you should try if a module will not load.  These include:

  • Try an incognito browser window. Sometimes your browser's extensions or add-ons may be interfering with PlayPosit functionalities. You can try using an incognito window in Chrome or a private browsing window in Firefox.

  • Try a different device type. If you are working on a tablet or mobile device, try watching the module on a desktop or laptop computer. If you are already on a computer, try it on a different device. 
  • Try a different network. If you are on wireless internet, try connecting to a different network. Some issues can be easily resolved by switching to a faster internet connection when streaming video.
  • Try a different browser or update using the Chrome update instructions or the Firefox update instructions.
  • Clear your browser cache and cookies using the Chrome update instructions or the Firefox update instructions.

Scoring in the Review Sheet

In-Progress Attempt

When an attempt is underway, PlayPosit displays a grey circle graphic with an "In Progress" message below it. This graphic is not dynamic and looks the same regardless of your percentage completion.

Screenshot of PlayPosit Review Sheet with attempt in progress.

Complete Attempt

When an attempt is complete, PlayPosit displays a green circle graphic that is dynamic. In the center, it will display the current score on the module, displayed as a percentage. It will display a "Complete!" message below the graphic and information about the grading status of the module such as how many questions there were and how many still need to be graded.

Your score on the module will depend on the questions used in the module, the points assigned to each, and the grading status of the module. Interactions such as multiple-choice, checkbox, and fill-in-the-blank will be automatically graded. Essay-type questions required grading by the instructor. Your current score will display as the percentage of total available points in the module.

In this screenshot below, the viewer has a score of 20% and a circle shaded green to match. The module contains a 1-point multiple-choice question, a 1-point check of all questions, and a 3-point free-response question. The 1-point questions are automatically graded; the viewer received one point for getting one of them correct. The free-response question will be graded by the instructor, which is indicated below the text that says, "Complete!" In this example, the student has been awarded one of five available points, giving the 20% score indicated by the graphic.

Screenshot of PlayPosit Review Sheet with attempt complete.

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