Activities in Poll Everywhere

There is a wide range of activities that instructors can use in their lectures (both online and face-to-face). For most activities you can use:

  • Text
  • Images
  • LaTex code

Here are some useful activities that are available:

Multiple Choice

Multiple choice options include adding images or text, as well as combining images with text. 

Image showing a multiple choice slide with food images option and percentages.Image showing a multiple choice slide with food images option and percentages.

Clickable Image

The clickable image activities allow you to use one image and have learners interact with the parts of those images. You have an option to modify how many times your students can click on the image presented. 


This activity allows instructors to create a list of items to be completed in a timed manner. These items are usually formed as a multiple choice question. You can also use images and combined with text. Once the timer is set students compete in both completion rate and accuracy.  This activity allows students to become fully immersed and engage with your teaching material. 

Image showing competition card that reads 'Know Your Food'. 'Win up to 1,000 points per answer'.Image showing portion of slide with orange arrow pointing at timer at the lower-left of image.

You can adjust weighted grading, how many times students can respond, and also, you can adjust the timer/count down time for each question. 


The leaderboard presents live interaction and includes a scoring feature in the forms of bar, column or donut charts. You can combine assigned team competition on lecture topics, group projects, and presentations, and encourage learner engagement via a voting system.  Please note that adding leaderboard may increase the number of slides in your overall presentation

Image showing results scores for 5 teams responding to 'Vote for your favorite team. We'll show the top five'.


The Q&A activity invites students to share their thoughts on any given course topic. Additionally, students can upvote or downvote submissions by other students. With careful planning, this activity can be used in response to questions, suggestions and ideas for group projects or other upcoming class activities. 

Image showing card that reads 'Your Thoughts on Food' with 1 up vote and 0 down vote for comment ' I think junk food can still be part of your diet. In small proportions once can enjoy some chips and chocolates'.

More Activities ...

The image below shows a total list of all activities available.  There are seven main activities to choose from. To explore more activities select the More hover link to see the other activities.

Image showing activities options with More ellipsis highlighted in orange square outline.

Additional Information

For more information on Poll Everywhere activities you can visit Activity Types and Activity Gallery on Poll Everywhere. 

Related Actions

For further guidance on creating an activity visit How to Create Activities.

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