To export Gradebook results from audience/student responses to Poll Everywhere activities you must have done the following:

  • Completed an activity with graded results from students' participation 
  • Created a report on student results/activity
  • Sync your Blackboard roster (for a given course) in Poll Everywhere

Step 1

Go to the Participants page and select the LMS Courses link.

Image showing Participants page with orange arrow pointing toward  the left at the LMS Courses link.

Step 2

On the LMS Connections page click directly on the course relevant to your Gradebook export. 

Image showing the LMS Connections page with orange arrow pointing toward the left at Ultra Sandbox 1.

Step 3

Choose from an existing report, or create a new report. To create a report visit Poll Everywhere - Creating Reports for LMS Export.

Image showing the Ultra Sandbox page with orange arrow pointing toward the left at poll activity item Food Quiz.

Step 4

Review the Gradebook report you want to export, and select Export in the lower right-side of the page. Select Export.  Additionally, you will have the option to download or print the report.

Image showing Gradebook Report page for Food Quiz activity item with orange arrow pointing downward on the right of page at the Export link.

Step 5

On the Export report pop up, select what you would like to export: grades, participation, or attendance. Grade is selected by default.  Click Next

Image showing Export report page with orange arrow pointing left toward Grade.

The Export complete pop-up dialogue box will note that your export is completed. 

Image showing Export complete dialogue pop-up box.

Step 6 

Once the export is complete, you can go to your Blackboard course and access the Gradebook. You will see the gradable Item is now in your list. 

Image showing Food Quiz item exported in Blackboard Ultra from Poll Everywhere.

Related Actions 

To synch your Blackboard roster to Poll Everywhere visit Synch and Re-synch Blackboard Roster

To create a Gradebook report in Poll Everywhere visit Create Reports for LMS Export.

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