To present Poll Everywhere slides using Google Slide you must:

  • Use Google Chrome
  • Install the Poll Everywhere Chrome extension
  • Sign into Poll Everywhere through the extension

Step 1

You will need to add the Poll Everywhere extension to your Google Slides. Visit Poll Everywhere for Google Slides for the extension. Select the Add Chrome extension button. Once selected, the extension automatically is added to your Google Slides ribbon. 

Image showing orange arrow pointing toward the Add chrome extension blue button on Poll Everywhere for Google Slides page.

Step 2

Once logged in to your Google account, open Google Slides. You will note the Poll Everywhere extension on your main ribbon. 

Image showing Poll Everywhere tab on Google Slide ribbon highlighted in blue rectangular outline.

Step 3

To log in to Poll Everywhere, click on the Poll Everywhere extension on Google Slides main ribbon, and select Log in from the drop-down menu. Then click Launch log-in window.  Enter your Syracuse University credentials. These will take you directly to the your My Activity page in Poll Everywhere. If you are already logged in to Poll Everywhere, move onto the next step. 

Image showing orange arrow pointing toward the right at the Log in link in the drop down menu under the Poll Everywhere tab in Google Slides.

Step 4

To insert an activity select the Poll Everywhere extension on your Google Slide main ribbon. Select Insert on the drop-down and then select Activity. This action will send you directly to your My Activities page in Poll Everywhere. 

Image showing the Insert link highlighted in orange rectangular outline, leading to the Activity link.

Step 5

On your My Activities page you can select from existing/saved activities that you created, or you can select New Activity for another activity that you will like to create.

Image showing the My Activities page in Poll Everywhere with orange arrow pointing towards the blue New Activity button in the top right of image. Another orange arrow points downward with texts that read 'existing activities' at folders in a vertical list.

Step 6

Once you have selected your activity the blue Insert slides button. This action automatically transports the slide from Poll Everywhere to your Google Slides. 

 Image is showing orange arrow pointing toward the blue Insert slide button in Poll Everywhere.

Step 7

In Google Slides you will note the imported content. The checkered corners of the slides indicates that you are still in editing mode. These disappear when you are presenting/in presentation mode. To import/add another activity repeat steps 4 to 6.

Image showing inserted slide in Google Slides with two of the four checkered corners highlighted in orange square outlines.

Step 8 

To present your content on Google Slides click the Slideshow button. Your audience can respond using your response URL (see example in blue square in second image),  scanning the quick response (QR) code that shows up in the full presentation mode, or by using the Poll Everywhere app.

 Image showing orange arrow pointing toward the Slideshow button at the top right of image.

 Image is showing a full presentation slide with blue arrow pointing right toward the Quick Response or QR code at the top right of image. Highlighted in blue rectangle is the URL response link at the top left of the image.

Related Actions 

Your audience/students can access your presentation in the following ways: 

  1. Using the Poll Everywhere app on their mobile device;
  2. Typing in your response URL directly into a browser on any device. Your response URL is noted at the top left-hand side of your slide page when in full presentation mode. See second image in Step 8
  3. They can scan the QR code using their tablets or smartphones. The QR code is located at the top right-hand side of your slide page. See second image in Step 8.

At this time you cannot use the record function to document your Poll Everywhere presentation when you are in full presentation mode.

To exit presentation click the Escape button on your keyboard. 

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