You will need to download the Poll Everywhere application (app).  To download the app please visit Poll Everywhere for PowerPoint on Mac for more instructions. If you have a managed Mac, you will need to contact your department or college IT support.

When presenting a powerpoint with poll everywhere activities via zoom, you MUST share your entire desktop. If you share only the presentation software window on which the activity displays, the audience will not see your activity. This is the case even if everything appears normal from your perspective.  Zoom sees the live poll as a separate program and will not display it to your audience if you only share the powerpoint application.  See instructions on sharing your desktop.

Step 1

Both Poll Everywhere and PowerPoint must be opened for this feature to function. 

Image is showing Poll Everywhere icon (highlighted in orange square outline) on the dock of a MacOS device.

Step 2

Open PowerPoint if you have not done so as yet, and open a presentation. Right click the Poll Everywhere app and select Insert. Then select Activity

Image showing the Insert link highlighted in orange rectangular outline in pop-up menu above Poll Everywhere icon.                        Image showing the Activity link  highlighted in orange rectangular outline.

Once you have selected Activity,  your My activities dashboard will appear. It is good practice to have both the PowerPoint page and Poll Everywhere page opened side by side (as shown in the image below), so that you can see how both pages interact with each another. 

Image is showing PowerPoint slide window opened alongside Poll Everywhere's My Activities dashboard page.

Step 3

If you have existing activities made in Poll Everywhere you can select those and then select Insert slides. If you would like to create a new activity, select the New activity button (located in the upper right-hand side of the My activities dashboard. 

Image showing My Activities page with orange arrow pointed toward the blue Insert slides button. Highlighted in orange rectangular outline are two activities below the Insert Slides button.

Step 4

Once you select the Insert slides button, your activities will automatically be sent to PowerPoint. The checkered corners on each slide indicated that you are in edit mode and are known as placeholders. To present your activities you can select the Play from Start button in the upper left-hand side, or the presentation button located on your lower right-hand side. 

Image showing the Play from Start icon (at top left of image)  in PowerPoint highlighted in orange rectangular outline.  Another presentation icon is highlighted in orange circular outline and enlarged (lower right of image). Two of the four checkered corners of the slides are highlighted in orange square outlines.

Step 5

To present to your audience, students can join via the Web by entering your  Activity Response URL (see upper left-hand side), or they can scan (using their tablets or mobile phone) the quick response (QR) code noted on the upper right-hand side.

Image is showing a full presentation slide with blue arrow pointing right toward the Quick Response or QR code at the top right of image. Highlighted in blue rectangle is the URL response link at the top left of the image.

Related Actions

1. Close all unnecessary apps and windows. 

2. Open your powerpoint slide presentation with the poll everywhere activities.

3. Launch your zoom meeting.

4. Select Share Screen from the toolbar.

Image is showing Share Screen link in Zoom's toolbar.

5. Select the desktop that has your power point presentation. It is important that you display the entire desktop and not just the powerpoint window.

Image shows Desktop 2 option selected and highlighted in blue outline.

6. Select Share.

Image shows orange arrow pointed toward blue Share button at the right lower side of image.

7. You can now present and activate your poll everywhere activities.

To grant your audience access to your presentation visit Setting Up Your Response Page for more instructions and information. 

To add an additional activity to your existing slide, click on the Poll Everywhere app in your dock, and then select the blue Go back to activities button.  Follow Steps 3 and 4 to add your activity to your current slide. 

To export a Gradebook report to Blackboard visit Export Activity Results to Blackboard .

To close your presentation, click the Escape button on your keyboard. 

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