To synch your Blackboard course roster to Poll Everywhere, you must access the Poll Everywhere link via Blackboard (note Step 1). You are unable to synch your roster via the Poll Everywhere website at this moment. 

 Step 1 

To access the Poll Everywhere link on Blackboard, log in to Blackboard and you will see the Poll Everywhere link under Course Content within the Content section.                                                                                                             

Step 2

Click on the blue Continue to button to login.

Step 3

The next page that loads will show the name of your course alongside your Net ID in bold text. Below the bold text, on your right, select the Synch Roster link. 

Step 4

The next page indicates that your roster from Blackboard is importing into Poll Everywhere. 

Imported Example

The Participants page shows a complete list of your cohort. Make note of the related course name at the top right-hand side of the page. 


Re-Synching (updating) Roster 

In the event that your student list is updated in Blackboard and there are new participants (students) or less, you can re-synch your roster in Poll Everywhere.


Go to the Participants page and select the LMS Courses link. The LMS Connections page will showcase a table of courses you have connected to Poll Everywhere. Select the Synch roster button to the selected course on the right-side of the table. 


Related Actions

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