Topic Overview

A Question Set is a collection of test questions created from selected Tests and Pools. The specific questions presented are randomly chosen each time the test is taken.
For each question set, you can specify:
  • The number of questions a student must answer.
  • The specific pools and tests from which it will be drawn


Edit a Test

  1. Begin by selecting Course Tools from the Control Panel.
  2. Select Tests, Surveys, and Tools.

    Tests, Surveys, and Pools tool link

  3. Select Tests or Surveys.
  4. Select Edit from the action item drop down to the right of the test.

    Edit test button

  5. Click Reuse Question button from the top of the page.
  6. Select Create Question Set.

    Reuse question, create question set link

  7. A pop-up window will open.
  8. You can search for questions by
    • Using the search bar to look for specific words.
    • Using the Browse Criteria box on the left-hand side which allows you use browse by Pools, Tests. Question Types, Categories, Topics, Levels, and Keywords.

    Note: The Browse Criteria box expands:

    Browse by criteria window

  9. Select the questions by checking the checkbox to the left of the question (Once a box is checked, you can open another criteria area without losing your selection).

    create question set dialog

  10. The number of questions you have selected will be displayed at the bottom of the window.

    display how many questions are selected

  11. Click Submit to save once you have selected all the questions you want to use.
  12. Your question set will be saved on the Test Canvas of the test you were editing.

Edit Question Set

To review or edit the questions, click Questions in the Set.

View questions in question set button

Note: If you change the point value of the question set on the Test Canvas, the point value applies to each question

Question Sets vs. Random Blocks

Though both question sets and random blocks deliver questions randomly to students, the two features have distinct differences:

  • You can manually choose questions from all tests, surveys, and pools for question sets. Random blocks draw questions from pools only, so you can't include questions from other tests or surveys.
  • You can search questions and browse metadata to create question sets. You can't search questions or browse metadata when you create random blocks.
  • You can delete questions in a question set. The question is removed from the set, but not deleted from your course. You can't delete questions within a random block. If you don't want a question included in your random block, remove it from the pool.

After you make your selections, you set the same points possible for all questions in the set or block. To assign a different point value to a question, you need to add the question individually outside of a block or set.