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Recording a Blackboard session

You can record your sessions, which can be downloaded as long as you select the download option when creating the session.  You can also use Collaborate Ultra to record lectures that your students can access via a link in your Blackboard course. 

*NOTE: If you go to a breakout session, the recording will automatically stop and you will have to restart it when you end the breakout session or come back to the main room.


  1.  Log into a Blackboard Course 
  2. Scroll to Course Management - Control Panel - Course Tools 
  3. Click Blackboard Collaborate Ultra 
    Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Option

4.  Create a Session if you have not already and/or do not want to utilize the default room.  Click Create Session 

Create Session

5.  Give the Session a name i.e. Lectures.  You can leave the default settings 

Event Details

6.  Make sure Allow recording downloads is selected, if you want to be able to download the recording.  You can un-select Share audio, Share video, Post chat messages, Draw on whiteboard and files, and Allow attendees to join the session using a telephone. 

 Session Settings

7. Click Save 

8.  Enter the Session Room by clicking on the name.  Click Join Session 

Enter Session

9.   Turn on your microphone for audio and video for visual (if you want visual).  Click the microphone icon and the video icon at the bottom of the screen to Share Audio and Share Video

Share Audio and Share Camera

10.  The video is in Video Preview Mode:  Click Share Video

Share Video

11. You will see your video at the bottom left hand corner of the screen 

Video bottom left hand

12. Click the button located at top left hand corner of the screen for additional options 

Button top left hand of screen

13. Click Start Recording and you will see your image enlarged on the screen 

Start Recording

14. Record your session 

15. When you are finished your recording, click the button located at the top left hand corner of the screen for additional options

Button top left corner of the screen

16. Click Stop Recording 

17.  If you have completed your recordings you can Leave Session 

Leave Session

18.  Return to the Blackboard tab

19. Click the 3 dashes located in the top left hand to access the recordings.  Click Recordings

3 dashes

20.  You should see your list of recordings.  Click the 3 dots to the right of each recording for recording options. i.e. watch now, download, edit name, delete copy link.  Click the name of the recording to Watch Now

Recording options

Watch Now

21. Click the play button in the middle of the recording or bottom left hand corner 

Play recording

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