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For the most up-to-date documentation on recording settings and features, please see the documentation available from Blackboard.

Recording with Collaborate Ultra

You can also use Collaborate Ultra from within a meeting at any time. Once complete,  your students can access it via a link in your Blackboard course. The recordings can be shared publicly or downloaded by the instructor to edit, archive, or upload to another video streaming service.

*NOTE: If you go to a breakout session, the recording will automatically stop and you will have to restart it when you end the breakout session or come back to the main room.

  1. Join the session where you want to make the recording with the Moderator role. Presenters and participants cannot access the recording option. 
  2. Enable your microphone for audio and/or video and use the share tool to share display and files or applications you want Collaborate Ultra to capture in the recording. 
  3. Click the button located at top left-hand corner to access the recording feature

    Button top left hand of screen

  4. Click Start Recording. The recording will begin immediately and include things in the session from the perspective of a Participant. 

    Screenshot of the start recording button.

  5. When recording begins, all users in the session are notified. New users joining the session are also notified that it is being recorded. All users see the recording indicator in the upper left-hand corner of the session. 

    Screenshot of the recording indicator.

  6. When you are ready to end your recording, do so by accessing the "Stop Recording" button from the top left-hand menu.

    Screenshot of the stop recording button
  7. You can start and stop as many recordings as you like during a session. Please note that if all Moderators exit the session, the recording will stop automatically and you'll need to re-start it. Recordings are logged as separate events and cannot be combined later unless you download them and edit them offline. 
  8. Leave the session when finished—there are no extra steps to take. If you forget to stop the recording it will automatically stop when all of the moderators have left the session. The recording will not be discarded.

Accessing Your Collaborate Ultra Recordings

Please note that recordings will not appear immediately. They can take at least as long as the duration of the original recording to be displayed. In times of high use, live sessions are given priority over recording processing. As such, recordings can sometimes take a few hours to appear in your recording list.

Recordings that include closed captioning can take 3-5 days to appear in the recording list. Such recordings will appear in the recording list without notification.

Collaborate Ultra recordings are located in the Collaborate Ultra area of your Blackboard course site. Any listed recordings are automatically available to all course users: instructors and students. There is no option of hiding recordings from some users or setting availability for them.

If you use the "Copy Link" function, you can post or email the link to anyone for them to access the recording. They can view the recording without logging in, being in your course, or being an SU user. Students in your course cannot access the "Copy Link" feature—only instructors and TAs. 

  1. Access recordings by clicking on the menu button above your course room and choosing "Recordings" from the menu that appears.

  2. Recordings do not expire, but when you enter the recording list only recordings made within the past 30 days appear. To access older recordings, click the menu labeled "Recent Recordings" to change the date range. If you distribute a link to a recording, it will not expire unless you manually delete the recording.

    Screenshot of recording screen.

  3. You should see your list of recordings.  Click the menu button to the right of each recording for recording options such as; Watch now, Download, Edit name, Delete and Copy link.  

    Recording options

Additional information about recording and recording settings is available from Blackboard. 

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