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This document describes how instructors can view a student Turnitin assignment after it has been submitted


  1. In the Control Panel, click on Course Tools > Turnitin Assignments

  2. A list of Turnitin assignments appear. Click on the assignment

  3. If this is the first Turnitin assignment, a Roster Sync may be necessary
    1. Click on Roster Sync

  4. Student roster from Blackboard is loaded into Turnitin
    Student Roster

  5. To view a student's submission, click on the file icon to download the assignment
    File Icon

  6. Click on the colored block to ask the Similarity and Grading Report
    Colored Block

  7. Turnitin Document Viewer will open

  8.  Click on the Layers icon to access the Similarity and Grading Report
    Layers Icon

  9. Click on the check mark and paper and pencil icon to add QuickMarks and Text Comments
    QuickMarks and Text Comments

Grading Turnitin Assignments by Groups

Note: To follow these steps groups must have already been created in your course

  1. In the Control Panel, click on Course Tools > Turnitin Assignments by Groups
    Turnitin Assignments by Groups

  2. This will bring up all of the Turnitin assignments that have been created in the course

  3. Click on the assignment name to open it:

  4. This will open the assignment and allow you to select groups of students. Using the drop down menu, select the group you wish to view.
    Module Group

  5. This will bring up the list of all of the students in the class and the links to their assignments
    Link to Assignments

  6. Click on the title of the student’s paper to bring up the assignment, which will come up in the GradeMark viewer. Clicking the percentage under the originality score will bring up the assignment in the Originality view. Please see the instructions below on how to switch between views

Viewing the Similarity Report

  1. To view the Similarity Report click Layers Icon and check mark Similarity
    Similarity Icon

  2. Adding a comment in the essay: There is a comment tab that allows the grader to write out original feedback. There are preset comments designed by Turnitin. Also, the grader can create comments and then use.
    1. Place the cursor anywhere in the paper and click. A blank comments tab will appear. Type feedback and save
    2. Click and drag a preset comment to the desired section or create new comments. Comments save automatically as you advance to another students paper
      Add Comment

  3. To edit a comment: scroll over the comment in the essay
    1. For an originally blank comment, click edit
    2. For a preset comment, click comment
      Preset Comments

  4. To remove a comment
    1. Click on the cancel option if it has not been applied
    2. Click on the little trash can if it has been applied

  5. To add a long comment
    1. At the bottom, click on the dialog icon
    2. Click edit to type up comment
    3. Click save to apply comment
      Text Comments

  6. To add rubrics
    1. At the bottom click on the last icon on the right
    2. Add rubrics by clicking on the tool icon in the right corner
    3. When the rubrics option appears, click on chain icon to attach
    4. Click on score for each section
    5. When finished, click on Apply rubric percentage to grade

  7. Move to the next essay
    1. Click on the arrow at the top
    2. Click on Paper at the top and select a student