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How to self-enroll in a Blackboard organization.

If you are unable to self-enroll in an organization, check with your organization leader to confirm that you are allowed to self-enroll. Not all organizations are set up to have users self-enroll.


  1. Login to the SU Blackboard System using your NetID and Password. If you do not know your account information, visit the NetID Services web site.
  2. Once you have logged into Blackboard, click on the Organizations tab at the top of the page.

    image of Blackboard tabs

    In the 'Organization Search' text box type the name of the organization in which you wish to enroll and click Go. The Organization Leader will provide you with the name of the organization. An organization must be available for the search engine to find it.

    image of organization search box

    The organization information will be displayed in the Search Results. Click the down arrows located to the right of the Organization ID and then click on Enroll.

    image of action menu for an organization accessed by clicking down arrow

  3. Enter the Access Code (if applicable). The access code will be provided by the Organization Leader. Click Submit.
  4. An Action Successful enrollment message will appear on the screen. Click OK to access the organization.

Sources and Relevant Links

NetID Services web site