Problem Description

SU's Blackboard sessions timeout after 4 hours of inactivity. Any work that was done but not saved or submitted prior to the timeout message is unfortunately unrecoverable. Web Browsers DO NOT register typing as activity. If you're typing an assignment, assessment, or discussion submission for longer than 4 hours, the session may timeout when the submit button is pressed. This means that you may lose your work.


To prevent lost work, create your content in a word processor, and then copy & paste the content into Blackboard. If you are taking a test or working on anything within Blackboard, be certain to save answers as you are working in tests, or click within the application every now and then so it does not time you out.  If you had done work previously, but had not submitted it or saved and left the window idle for more than four hours, any work that was done prior to the timeout message is unfortunately unrecoverable.

Dialup and DSL users may also experience timeouts set by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). This is not related to Blackboard timeouts. If you need assistance with changing ISP timeout settings, please consult with your ISP.