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Google Docs can be shared in multiple ways in Blackboard. This tutorial will show you how to set up a Google Doc and share it with your students 


  • Select the New + Button in the upper left-hand corner

  • Select Google Docs

Google Doc Menu

  • Set up your document how you want. For more information on Google Docs, go here.
  • Select the Share button in the upper right-hand corner

Share Button

  • Change the General Access to the level of sharing you want to use.
    • You can change it to Anyone with the link - it will be secure inside your Blackboard course. 

Anyone with the link

  • For collaboration, you can change the Role from Viewer to Editor.

Role of Doc

  • Click on Copy Link, this will copy the sharable link to your clipboard. 

  • In Blackboard, go to your Content area where you want to share the link and select Build Content → Web Link

Web link

  • Name the Web Link then paste the link into the Url 

Web link

  • Add any text you want then select Submit. 

  • Your Google Doc is now linked in Blackboard for students to access

Linked Doc in Blackboard

Sharing a Google Doc in the Blackboard Google Drive File Embed Tool 

This method will not allow you to edit the Google Doc, but it will let students see it. 

  • In your Content area, select Build Content →  Google Drive File Embed Tool 

Google Drive File Embed Tool Menu

  • Name the Content link

Name Tool Link

  • You can leave Enable Evaluation off - Select Submit

Enable Grading

  • You will see it created a link in your Content Area. Click on the Title. 

Collaborate Embed

  • Sign into your Google account using your (netid) account

  • Your Doc should be at the top of the page, double click on the image.

Class Document

  • Click on the title of the content link in Blackboard, this will open up a view of your Google Doc. Use the titles at the top of the page to navigate back to your main content area.


Embed the Google Doc directly into Blackboard

By embedding the Google Doc into your Blackboard site, you can access and see the edits on Blackboard.

  • In the Google Doc, select File → Share → Publish to Web

Publish Menu

  • Select the Embed tab → Publish. Select Accept  

Publish Screen

  • Copy the Embed Code

Embed Code

  • Open to your Blackboard class and go to the content area where you want to embed the document
  • Select Build Content → Item


  • Name your Item, then in the text editor, select the Source Code <> button.

Source Code Image

  • Paste in your Embed Code, and select Save. You can then manually edit the size of the Doc by selecting the blue square around it.


  • Select Submit when done

  • You should now see your Google Doc inline with the content  

Inline Doc

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