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To collaborate in Microsoft Word, you can share documents via Blackboard through links and embed codes.


  • Sign in to the Microsoft Portal using your Syracuse University account (netID)

  • On the left-hand side menu, select the Microsoft Word icon.

Microsoft Menu Image

  • Create a Microsoft Word document or upload one from your desktop.

New Blank Document Image

  • Once the document has been created, select the Share option in the upper right-hand corner.

Share Button Image

  • Set your sharing availability and viewing/editing options and select Apply

Link Settings Image

  • Copy the link

Copy Image

  • In Blackboard, go to the content area where you want to share the document and select Build Content → Web Link

Build Content Menu

  • Name the Web Link then paste the URL into the link. (Optional: you can leave instructions in the text editor for the students to click on the title)

  • Click Submit and your link will be created in your class

Web Link Image

  • To embed the document in the class, in the Microsoft Document, select File → Share → Embed

Embed Option Menu

  • In the Embed screen, select Copy

Embed Code Menu

  • Go to the Web Link you created and select Edit from the dropdown next to the title

  • In the text editor, select the Source Code Icon <>.

Source Code Icon

  • Paste the Embed Code into the Source Code Menu then select Save

Source Embed Code

  • You can now resize the Word Doc in the editor using the blue squares in the corners

Edit Embed Image

  • Select Submit and you will see the image of the Word Doc.

Embed Image

  • If you open the Word Doc, you can select Edit from the Upper right-hand corner and start editing in real-time or open it in your Word desktop app.

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