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Topic Overview

If an assignment has been set up by the instructor for electronic submission, follow the steps in the video or text outline below.

Submit an Assignment

  1. Find the assignment in the Blackboard Content Area as set up by the instructor. An assignment can be placed in any content area and can be easily identified by the icon that has the pencil and ruler associated with it.

    Assignment Icon

  2. Click on the assignment name to access it

  3. To upload the assignment file, attach the file under Assignment Submission. You can choose to put  information in the text editor, but it's not necessary for submitting a document
  4. Click on Browse Local Files.

    Note: When submitting documents, do not use any special characters (Bad example: Name#Title-1) (Good example: Name_Title1). If there are special characters in the title of the attachment, your instructor may not be able to open the assignment.

  5. Once the file is selected for attachment, the student has the opportunity to name the link to the file

    Link Title

  6. The file is now attached and the system confirms the submission

  7. If you need to attach multiple files to a single submission, repeat steps 4-6 until all of your files are attached

  8. Click on Submit or Save as Draft. Submit will hand the file in and will be immediately accessible to the instructor. A confirmation will be given.
    Review Submission


Assignment Submission Receipt

  1. Student Submission Receipt -  When students submit assignments successfully, a success message with a confirmation number appears.  Top of screen - green bar
    Student Submission Receipt

  2. Students should copy and save this number for proof of submission
  3. You can retrieve the confirmation number from the Grade Center
  4. Access course
  5. Click Tools or My Grades
  6. Click Submission Receipts - bottom left hand corner
    My Grades

  7. View Submission Receipt details
    View Submisson Receipt Details