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This document describes how students can submit a Turnitin assignment in Blackboard

Submitting an Assignment with Turnitin

Students make submissions from the content area in the course where your instructor has posted the assignment. Once you click on the assignment link, you'll see a new user interface for making the submission. Clicking on the assignment title or the question mark at the end will open the assignment details including the due date and any instructions provided by your instructor. 

Screenshot of user interface

The submission process includes a step to "Upload and Review" after which you can "Preview" and "Submit to Turnitin." The user interface displays a large green check with a "Submission Complete!" message.

Screenshot of user interface

You will receive a digital receipt by email or you can download it from the assignment page. 

Screenshot of user interface

Students with additional questions can view student support pages from Turnitin or contact the help desk for assistance.

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