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This document describes how students can submit a Turnitin assignment in Blackboard

Students may experience problems when uploading a Turnitin assignment when using Safari as their browser. Students are encouraged to use Mozilla Firefox to upload Turnitin assignments. More information on this issue can be found here.


  1. Enter the content area where Turnitin assignment resides

  2. Click on View/Complete
    View Complete

  3. Click on Submit

  4. Fill out appropriate information in the form

  5. Choose the file you want to upload to Turnitin. Files can be uploaded from your computer, Dropbox, or Google Drive. When you have located and attached the appropriate file, click Upload
    Upload file

  6. Your file will be shown as Uploading
    File Uploading

  7. You will be brought to a processing screen that will give you information about your submission and the assignment
    File Processing

  8. A formatted preview of the first page of the submission is displayed. You will be prompted to confirm the submission
    Preview Page

  9. If for some reason a paper takes more than 2 minutes generate a preview (which is rare), there is an alternate workflow in which the user can choose a few options:
    1. Cancel, and try again—you will be taken back to select a file
    2. Keep trying, I'll be back—you can leave and will be sent an email with status information
    3. You can also decide to continue waiting

  10. You will be shown a digital receipt of your assignment submission
    Digital Receipt

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Turnitin Issue when using Safari