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When you subscribe to a discussion-board forum or thread, you will receive an email that will alert you when a peer or instructor has replied to the thread. The email will not send the post, but inform you of the new comment.


Forum or thread subscriptions are not a default - the instructor must enable the setting.


Subscribe to a Forum

  1. Enter the Discussion part of your course.
  2. Select the Forum.
  3. Click Subscribe.

    subscribe to discussion forum button

  4. To unsubscribe, click Unsubscribe.

    unsubscribe to discussion forum button

Subscribe to a Thread

To use this feature, instructors must enable "Allow members to subscribe to threads" under the "Subscribe" area of the Forum's settings.

  1. Enter the Discussion part of your course.
  2. Enter the Forum.
  3. Check the box next to any threads you'd like to subscribe to. 
  4. Click "Thread Actions" and choose "Subscribe/Unsubscribe" from the dropdown menu. 

    UI Screenshot