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Tests and surveys are used to measure student knowledge, gauge progress, and gather information from students. Once created, tests and surveys can then be deployed in a course area. The difference between tests and surveys is test questions have points assigned to them for grading evaluation, whereas surveys do not. Pools are collections and groups of questions that can be included in tests and surveys. The advantage of using a pool is you do not have to remember all those questions and manually add them to each test or survey. Once a test or survey is built, questions are created or added from existing questions in tests, surveys, and pools.

An Assessments button is not a default button on the Course Menu. We recommend adding an Assessments button to the course menu if you plan to give quizzes or tests in the Blackboard system. We recommend creating and organizing student Assessments on this page first, then linking to them from within the Learning Modules or Content areas (with the Course Link option) for easy accessibility. Once created, all Assessments will be linked directly to the Grade Center.

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