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The instruction text box you may use when creating a Turnitin assignment is limited to 1,000 characters. If you exceed this limit, the assignment will appear to post as normal, but will not let you access the assignment when clicking on the assignment name. Instead, you will see the following error: "Turnitin assignment could not be created. Instructions - Please limit to 1,000 characters." While this error exists, you will not be able to access the assignment inbox and students will not be able to submit to this assignment.

Turnitin character limit error

To fix this error, return to the content area where the assignment is posted. 

Edit Turnitin Assignment

Locate the Description text box.

assignment description text box

You can either:

  1.  Attempt to reduce the characters used, submit, and then attempt to access the assignment inbox. You will receive the same error notice if your text still exceeds the limit. If this happens, you can try again to get the character count under 1,000. 


  2. Remove the text, paste it into a Word document  or PDF and attach the instructions to the assignment and submit.

Attach a file

With the text appropriately modified or attached to the assignment, you will now be able to access the assignment inbox without error. 

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