Copying Content Into Ultra Courses

This page reviews the process for copying content in Ultra courses, with special emphasis on concerns when copying content from an original view Blackboard course into an Ultra course.

If you are new to Ultra courses, we recommend reviewing Ultra and Original Feature Comparisons. There are differences in Original and Ultra courses in Blackboard that can affect your course copy.

Copying content in the Ultra Course View performs differently than the older method used in original courses. Rather than pushing content from an old course to the new one, in Ultra you enter the new course where you want the content to appear and browse through older courses to pull the content into the new course. This is necessary so that the newer course can convert older content and make sure it's compatible with the current version.

Using the original course copy method for your ultra course will result in broken and unconverted content. Once a user pushes content from an original course into the ultra course using the older method the only available fix is to delete the entire ultra course and create a new blank version

Pulling Course Content into an Ultra Course

To copy content into an ultra course you should enter the course where you want the content to appear and access the copy dialog in the "Course Content" area in one of two ways:

  • Click the "Course Content" menu button and select "Copy Content."
  • Access the "Add Content" link or plus sign (plus) in the space between exiting content items and select "Copy Content."

To copy individual items, navigate through the course(s) in the Copy Content tool using the arrows to the right of course/item names to move deeper into course content.  You can check off any content you want to copy from multiple courses and/or organizations.  The Ultra course copy makes it incredibly easy to grab the content you need from any of your past courses with a single action. Anything checked off will copy when you're ready to start the copy.

Use the breadcrumbs to navigate backwards to higher levels of content/courses.

When you've selected the content you need, click the black bar at the bottom of the menu that says "start copy." The copy will run.  If it seems to be taking a long time, use the browser's refresh button to refresh the screen.

Navigating Errors

When you copy content pulling it through the Ultra Copy Content tool, it will report any errors once the copy is complete.  Click on View Details in the copy window to see what errors occurred during the copy process. If those items you copied did not transfer or are no longer supported in Ultra courses, you may need to rebuild that content in your Ultra course.

Examples of conversion errors might be:

  • Minor styling and formatting that was removed
  • Ultra courses only allow two levels of folders. If you copy over content with more than two levels, it will place any items beyond two levels at the second level.
  • Some items that are not currently supported will not copy over to the course such as surveys, wikis and blogs

Please review the Ultra and Original Feature Comparisons Answers page as there are differences that can affect your course copy.

You can also view the conversion details by clicking the three dot menu and selecting Course Tasks and Logs.

In the Course Tasks and Logs panel, select View Report.

 Select an item in the list to learn more about what content couldn't be copied due to errors or exceptions. 

Video - How to copy content into an ultra course


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