Copying Content Into Ultra Courses

This page reviews the process for copying content in ultra courses with special emphasis on concerns when copying original content into ultra.

A note about copying from Original to Ultra

If you are visiting this page for information on how to copy from Original to Ultra, it is strongly recommended that you visit our "Course Creation Basics" page and follow through Steps 1 and 2 (which will help you to create a course structure for your new Ultra course and walk you through how to copy content into that course structure).

Locating the "Copy Content" feature

To begin copying content in your Ultra course, enter the destination course — the new course where you want the content to appear.

If you course is blank, simply select the "Add Content" button. If you have material populated in your course, hover your mouse over the area where you wish to add content and select the plus icon that appears.

Select the "Copy Content" option which will open a menu panel, listing all of the current courses  for which you have Instructor access.


Selecting the Content to be Copied

Use the search bar or browse through the list to locate the course that contains the content from which you wish to copy.


Click on the title of the course to view the content within. Continue "diving into" the content until you locate the item(s) you wish to copy. You can select individual items, or select a folder/module to copy all of its contents. 

Select the checkbox next to the item(s) you will copy into your new course.

When you have selected all desired items, select the "Start Copy" button in the lower right hand corner.

A Note on Full Course Copies

When copying from one Ultra course to another Ultra course, executing a full course copy is as easy as following the steps above and simply selecting the checkbox next to the entire course (versus navigating inside of the course's content). 

However, when first transitioning a course from Original course view to Ultra, it is important to note that the official recommendation of the Online Learning Services department is to copy folder by folder or item by item. Executing a full course copy from an original view course into a new Ultra course shell can make it difficult to predict exactly where copied content will wind up and may create additional work in cleaning up and organizing content within the new interface. Please see the attached video for a "quick guide" to transitioning your Original course to Ultra.

Navigating Errors

When you copy content pulling it through the Ultra Copy Content tool, it will report any errors once the copy is complete.  Click on View Details in the copy window to see what errors occurred during the copy process. If those items you copied did not transfer or are no longer supported in Ultra courses, you may need to rebuild that content in your Ultra course.

Examples of conversion errors might be:

  • Minor styling and formatting that was removed - certain fonts and text colors are no longer supported in item titles, for example. 
  • Ultra courses only allow three levels of nested folders. If you copy over content with more than three folder levels, all items in folders below the third level will be "flattened out" into their parent folder. 
  • Some items that are not currently supported in Ultra course view will not copy over to the Ultra course, such as surveys, wikis and blogs.
  • Some test question types that are no longer supported in Ultra course view will be converted to a new type - for example, "multiple answer" questions are now an option within the "multiple choice" type, and not an independent question type. 

Please review the Ultra and Original Feature Comparisons Answers page as there are differences that can affect your course copy.

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