Course Announcements

Announcements are internal notifications within Blackboard courses that display as a pop-up for all enrolled users the next time they log in; copies can also be sent to all users via email. 

Use announcements to share important, time-sensitive information.


Announcements are displayed as a pop-up immediately upon entry to a course.   The new active course announcement will appear the first time students enter your course. Students must close the New Course Announcement window before they can view course content.  The announcement pop-up window will appear for each new announcement you post.


Announcements can no longer be set as the default course landing page — the content page will always be the default course landing.

Add an Announcement

On the top navigation menu, select the announcements link to get started.

navigation bar announcements tab

The New Announcement page appears. Click on the (plus) to add a new announcement.

Within the Announcements tab, a plus icon is shown to the right of the screen, highlighted by a red circle.

Send an Announcement to multiple courses using the Qwickly Tools

From the institution page menu, select Tools.

Find and select the Qwickly Course Tools icon.

Select Announcement from the Course Tools menu:

You will see your courses listed.  If you have a number of courses, you can use the search feature to find a specific course. Additionally, you can choose to select all courses, or select multiple individual courses by checking the corresponding box.

Add a title for your announcement.  Compose your announcement in the text editor.  Select the Choose File button to upload attachments and, if desired, add display after and display until dates.  These dates are optional and if you do not select any, the announcement will post immediately to the courses your have selected. Check the send an email box if you would like students to receive the announcement via email, in addition to viewing it in the blackboard course.

When you are satisfied with your announcement and appropriate settings, be sure to select the submit button to ensure the announcement goes out.

Search for an announcement

Select the magnifying glass icon and enter your search criteria in the search field.

Within the Announcements tab, a magnifying icon is shown to the right of the screen, highlighted by a red circle.

Within the Announcements tab, a search announcement text field is shown.

Send an email copy of the announcement

Type a title and message for the announcement. The title has a 256-character limit. Use the options in the message editor to format text, embed multimedia and attach files. Select the "Send an email copy to recipients" check box if you want to send an email of the announcement to all course members, including yourself. Students will receive emails at their address.

Screenshot of a new announcement template. Towards the bottom of the screen, a red rectangle is drawn to highlight an option for a checkbox option to Send an email copy to recipients.

You can't send an email copy for an announcement scheduled to display in the future. 

If you post an announcement and forget to select the email copy check box, you'll need to create a new announcement.

Schedule an announcement

Select the Schedule announcement check box.

Screenshot of a new announcement template. Towards the bottom of the screen, a red rectangle is drawn to highlight an option for a checkbox option to Schedule announcement..

Select the Show on check box and use the calendar and clock icons to select the date and time you would like to announcement to post and become available to students.  If desired, select a Hide on date and time.

Screenshots of options for scheduling an announcement with options for date and time

Select Save to save your announcement as a draft (if you have not scheduled the announcement to be released in the future).

Screenshot of save option at bottom of panel

On the Course Announcements page, you can see the status of your post.  If you scheduled the announcement to be released in the future, the status will read Scheduled.  If you did not schedule a future release date, you will see an option to "Post Now".  Select Post Now to post your announcement immediately.

Screenshot of announcements page showing an announcement that is scheduled  with box around the status

Edit/Copy/Delete an announcement

Open the announcements page using the announcement tab in the top navigation menu.  Find the announcement you want to edit/copy/delete and select the three dot menu to open the menu.

Student View of Announcements

When students enter the course, a pop-up box with any new announcements since the last time they logged in will appear on the screen.  Students will have to close the pop-up box before interacting with course content.

Screenshot of new course announcements pop up in student view with option to view all announcements

If "send an email copy" to recipients is selected, a copy of the announcement will be sent to the student's official email.  Attachments will be sent as a link that the student can open to view.

Screenshot of email copy of announcement with arrow pointing to the attachment in the email


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